Dance is my breath - Kalasri Ruchi Gupta - అచ్చంగా తెలుగు

Dance is my breath - Kalasri Ruchi Gupta

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Dance is my breath - Kalasri Ruchi Gupta


Interview by Bhavaraju Padmini 

She is born in a traditional North Indian family. Her parents wanted her to excel in her studies and settle as some higher official with a Hi Fi lifestyle. But she followed her heart and went in search of her passion, Dance. By birth, dance was imbibed in her nerves. Developing the Divine art of Bharatanatyam, she overcame a lot of obstacles and now the young dancer continues her journey towards excellence... An exclusive interview with dancer Kalasri Ruchi Gupta for you this month...

 Hi Ruchi, Tell us briefly about your family background.

I Belong to a North Indian Family of Strict Background where my Father is an Advocate and My Mother a homemaker but a good Bhajan singer.
At what age did you start learning dance? How did you develop a passion towards Classical dance?
 As I child, I was always dancing, my mother told. The passion got more enhanced while watching "Satyam Shivam Sundaram" DD National Channel those days as it was the only channel we used to watch in television. During that time, I saw a very beautiful lady
clad in a such beautiful attire of Bharatanatyam Costume and Jewels. Most Importantly I used to see those Beautiful Postures and started doing on my own.  At that time, I was just 4 to 5 years old and Dance and Sports are my hard core passion and Interests too. Seeing all this, my Parents took me to the "Rukmimi Devi Lalit kala Kendra" nearby our area and luckily I got admission to learn Bharatanatyam.
Till how far did your education continue ? What is the profession you chose after that ?
.I'am a Graduate of Commerce from Delhi University and has Done Masters in Performimg Arts (Bharatanatyam) from Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh University. I'm now Pursuing Bharatanatyam Professionally as it is the only and whole world for me.
 According to you, what is the importance of dance?
Dance for me is beyond words as It directly connects my jivatama to the Paratama and Sync with the each of next human bodies flowing into ganges of Rasa and Bhava with another utimately into as Union being One as a whole. Who are your Dance Gurus ? Who are the dancers who inspire you?
I have got trained Initially under Later Smt. Sujata Dineshji and Sharmishta Mallickji in Pandanallur Style and later on got advanced and honed my Skills under Legendary Guru Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan
after went to learn from Sir Shri Kiran and Sandhya Subramaniumji from Bangalore).
What sort of troubles did you face after undertaking this
Devoting and Dedicating myself as a Professional Dancer became a Big Challenge from my family side as I didn't pursue my studies further.  I gave up my Upsc Exams too. I Didn't find the Right Match to Understand and respect Me along with My Art form.........Had to Struggle very hard as it took a roller coaster ride to Be on my Path and Continue Myself as a Dancer.
Tell us about the awards with which you are honored.
Yes I have been awarded with Senior Scholarship of HRD,GOI ,
Rohini Gaurav Samman from Salaam Delhi ,kalashree From Ganesa Natyalaya,Best Dancer and Directors Award for Play Direction from Delhi University NCWEB,Got Awarded twice from Prestigious DRDO Organization Delhi, Best Dancer from University,Thailand and Recently got awarded For Oustanding
Contribution in Bharatanatyam from Routes to Roots Organization under Ministry of Culture,GOI to name a few.
Tell us an unforgettable event in your life.
Taking Dance as a Profession was really Moving for my Family in the both the ways as it got Surprised By My Talent but kept in Vain gone away from the Academics.
Did you train anyone in this art? Do you have your own dance school?
.I had worked very harder to support me and my art form having been worked in Prestigious Schools
in and outside Delhi and has worked for different organizations too. Now I trained young children and amateur and professional dancers too at my own Institution KIRTI NATYA NIKETAN (R) in Rohini ,Delhi.
What are your future plans?
Last but not the least I've been on my journey to dance for the past 30 years with this beautiful Gift of God and will be keeping up myself to dance connecting myself with nature to each and every beautiful being on this planet and whole world around.I Pray to Lord Ganesha and ShivaShakthi to Bless Me Fortunate with Enough Good Strength of Mind Intellect and health to Keeping Dancing More and More Well till I breath Last.
Following are the contact details of Ruchi Gupta
Ruchi Gupta, Artistic Director
Kirti Natya Niketan(R)

Wish you all the best Ruchi ! Her dance video links are available below...


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